Tech round-up for February 2: South Korea gets first glimpse at 5G mobile, Madden NFL 18's Super Bowl prediction, happy birthday Lego

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This week, Lego looks pretty good for 60, and how accurate is the EA Sports prediction of the result of Super Bowl L!!? But first, 5G mobile networks get beta tested in PyeongChang.

PyeongChang to show off 5G mobile network this month

In Canada, mobile networks are currently 4G LTE, which can deliver download speeds of between 20 and 40 megabits per second. The next mobile network standard that will be rolled out is 5G, which will deliver blazing download speeds, up to 10 gigabits per second. Theoretically, you’d be able to download a high-def version of a movie to your tablet in just a few seconds.

And latency, the amount of time between when data is sent and when it arrives, will also decrease with the 5G standard. Establishing robust 5G mobile networks is key to rolling out autonomous vehicles, because they rely on rapid, low latency communication for safe operation.

Reuters reported recently that China is pushing hard to get 5G mobile networking.

That may be so, but the country is not alone in wanting to deliver better mobile connectivity. AT&T plans to roll out 5G to select U.S. cities this year.

And during the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang this month, Intel is enabling a 5G network that will deliver 100 Mbps speeds. That system is also being used for security, supported by facial recognition technology and an army of drones and cameras.

Meanwhile, there are mutterings in the U.S. that the current administration is considering nationalizing the 5G network in the name of national security.

EA Sports predicts the winner of Super Bowl LII will be the New England Patriots

Every year there’s another Super Bowl championship to determine the best NFL team, and every year, based on player and team data, EA Sports football simulation, Madden NFL, predicts a winner.

This year, the simulated Super Bowl game, which takes place this Sunday, February 4, occurred within Madden NFL 18, the latest version of the game developed by EA Sports.

The final score was 24 – 20 in favour of the Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles. The simulation also predicts that Tom Brady will win another MVP award. Highlights of the simulated game are below.

The simulation was not able to predict how Eagles fans will react to the game.

Lego celebrates 60 years of building brains

Last Sunday, Lego turned 60. The timeline below shows how the company and its bricks have changed over the years.

To celebrate, Lego “Master Builders” spent 350 hours constructing a massive model of a “2×4” brick from 133,000 individual bricks. The model was on display in New York last weekend.

Fun fact: Six 2×4 bricks can be assembled in more than 915 million ways.

And the company is rolling out a series of five limited edition kits ranging in price from $5 to $60.

While many of the sets that Lego releases these days are licensed brands and are designed to be built into a specific scene, these anniversary kits are open ended, intended to spark the kind of creative play that Lego is known for.

The “Fun Future” set, which costs $13, includes bricks that can assemble a robot, for example. The “Ocean’s Bottom” set is $35 and can be configured into an octopus, a dragon, or even a rocket car.

Four of the five sets are available now at Lego’s shop site. A sixth set, “Bricks On a Roll”, for building all kinds of vehicles, is exclusively available at Walmart.


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