Technological World for July 20, consumer tech: Huawei GT3 Pro smart watch connects to whatever smartphone you've got

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For the past few days I’ve been wearing one of Huawei’s new smart watches, the GT3 Pro. And I like the GT3 Pro titanium. It’s a handsome, elegant device that looks great on my wrist and is has a distinct, professional look.

The new line comes in two models. The housing on the titanium edition ($549) is 46 mm. The ceramic edition ($799) has a slightly smaller housing, at 43 mm.

Functionally, the watches are the same. Each has a high-definition, AMOLED display that provides plenty of screen for all the information you might want to show and they have a battery that can give you up to two weeks on a charge, but that depends on what you’re using the watch for.

I’m in the Apple ecosystem, and the GT3 Pro connected with my iPhone without a problem, and delivers the same notifications I’d get while wearing an Apple Watch. You just need to download the Huawei Health app onto your iPhone.

If you’re an Android user, the experience is even better because Huawei is more familiar with those systems.

They are also sufficiently water resistant that you can dive with them on your wrist, and it’s the workout tracking feature of the GT3 Pro that I’ve used most.

While there’s concern among politicians and in the tech community about Huawei devices – Google is no longer allowing the Android operating system to be installed on Huawei smartphones – the smart watch doesn’t itself connect to anything except your mobile.

And doing that, the app needs to conform to the data privacy guidelines of Apple and Google. I checked the fine print, and any data that the Huawei Health app sends to cloud servers is saved on servers in Europe which are bound by GDPR rules.

Huawei’s GT3 Pro smart watch isn’t the cheapest watch out there, but it’s a great professional-looking alternative to some of the sporty bands available.


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