Technological World for March 8, games: Return to Dreamland with Kirby, VR and dinosaurs, wormholes, and block, Starfield's release, and Mario Day

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Kirby is back with some friends, more PS VR2 games to enjoy, a release date for Starfield, and what even is Mario Day?

Returning to Kirby’s Return to Dreamland in a Deluxe edition on the Switch

Kirby continues to be one of my kids’ favourite video game characters. His ability to inhale objects – and enemies – and copy their abilities makes for super fun gaming.

One of the other things that made 2011’s Return to Dreamland fun was that it enabled up to four people can play together.

Not all characters have Kirby’s stellar ability, so you may have conflicts around who gets to play as the cute, pink monster, but being able to play the side-scrolling platformer as a group is worth the fights.

This deluxe edition, which brings the game to Nintendo’s Switch, remains fun because of the co-operative play. It also adds additional gameplay in the form of an epilogue, where players get to take on the guise of Magolor, the shifty antagonist from the game.

You can also get competitive with things, too, because there are ten mini-games, kind of like what you’d find in Mario Party, that you can play with your group of four.

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe is a good excuse to get together with some friends.

PS VR2 games we played this week

Jurassic World Aftermath: You are on Isla Nublar. And the dinosaurs are loose.

Tentacular: A light-hearted family-friendly game in which you are an octopus, abandoned at birth and raised by a seaside village.

Tetris Effect Connected: Tetris, in VR, against opponents from around the world. Crazy times.

Thumper: Playing this rhythm game in VR made me feel like I was travelling through a wormhole.

Starfield launches on September 6

Bethesda Studios revealed today that it’s space exploration RPG will release on September 6, potentially delaying the start of school for many.

The game, which is exclusive to Windows and Xbox Series X/S, will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. We’ll learn much more during an event to be broadcast on June 11.

Friday is Mario Day (Mar 10)

Congratulations to all who celebrate.


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