Why I hate Shaw

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I don’t despise the Canadian cable company just because of its CEO, Jim Shaw, but writer Denis McGrath clearly articulates why Canadians should call for the public humiliation of the blowhard.

In a post today, McGrath writes a letter to the Canadian Television Fund, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. He clears up the issue with respect to the CTF that Shaw has been working so hard to confuse.

Jim Shaw has done very well by Canada’s broadcast system, but now he seems to think that he’s making some sort of donation [by paying into the CTF]. He isn’t. It’s not his money, it’s money collected from Canadians by him, to help fund television for Canadians.

McGrath talks about the overwhelming popular success of Trailer Park Boys and how the fact that Shaw uses the show as an example of how the CTF has failed simply indicates that Shaw doesn’t like the show. And if Jim Shaw doesn’t like a show, well, it doesn’t deserve to get any funding, does it?

What an arrogant ass Shaw is. He wants to be the one to decide what Canadians get to watch on television.

He must not be allowed to have that kind of control.

“I think I know the hell of a lot more about crafting stories than Jim Shaw ever will,” writes McGrath.

Hear, hear.


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