Technological World for June 30: Xbox Cloud Gaming available everywhere, you want to upgrade to Windows 11, Arcade Fire's concert video summer, the Snap+ Juice Pack Mini from Mophie

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This week, details on Windows 11, Arcade Fire’s summer plans, and the new Snap+ Juice Pack Mini from Mophie. But first, now everyone can plan Xbox games on any device with Xbox Cloud Gaming on a browser.

Xbox Cloud Gaming opens up to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Anyone with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now play any of the games available from the library on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

You can play through a browser on a Windows 10 computer or Apple mobile devices, iPads and iPhones.

People with Android mobile devices are able to play games using the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, but that’s not something that is currently allowed on Apple devices, so Microsoft has been working on a way to let Xbox gamers play on their iPads and iPhones.

This has the potential to grow the Xbox customer base. If gamers who want to play the new Bethesda games, for example, refuse to buy an Xbox console, they can get a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate and be able to play on another system.

You can sign in or subscribe at

Microsoft wants to upgrade you to Windows 11 later this year

Windows is software that’s been used for 35 years, in one form or another, and later this year, Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11

The new operating system will be a free upgrade to most people who are currently using Windows 10.

The design is clean and simple, with a task bar anchored on the bottom of the screen with icons for the start menu, search, and other open applications in the centre of the task bar. Time, date, and connectivity functions remain in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Functionally, Windows 11 integrates Microsoft Teams’ Chat on the taskbar which provides instant connections to people “through text, chat, voice, or video” regardless of what device or platform they may be on.

You will also be able to run Android apps on Windows 11 and you’ll be able to find them through a rebuilt Microsoft Store that provides access to all kinds of content, from apps and software to games, television programs, and movies.

WIndows 11 is also built with gaming in mind with the new Xbox app is built right in.

And the new operating system is designed to support multiple input types, including typing, writing, clicking, touching, and talking.

Microsoft hasn’t provided a release date for Windows 11 but has said that it will be available this holiday season.

Arcade Fire posting concert videos all summer

Canadian band Arcade Fire isn’t playing a concert anytime soon, but they’re keeping the magic alive by posting videos of past live performances to their YouTube channel.

Videos are being posted every Wednesday and Friday and started with the performance of “No Cars Go” from their Primavera Sound set in 2017.

You can subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted.

New Mophie Juice Pack magnetically snaps to your smartphone

I was in Kelowna over the weekend watching a bunch of fastpitch games and keeping track of all the plays on my iPhone.

With three games in one day, that’s a real drain on the battery.

Luckily, I had the new Snap+ Juice Pack Mini from Mophie ($50 USD) with me.

I was an early adopter of Mophie’s Juice packs way back when the battery capacity of iPhones was limited. I remember how much those Mophie packs saved me when I was on assignment and actively using my phone for 8 to 12 hours at a time.

This new one is slick because it charges wirelessly, and because it’s magnetic. On my iPhone 12, with MagSafe, it snaps into place with ease.

It’s also compatible with Google and Samsung phones. If they don’t have the same magnetic capability, Mophie includes a metallic ring adapter so you can make sure that the pack lines up to the charging conductors on the smartphone.

The Snap+ Juice Pack Mini from Mophie has enough juice – 5,000 mAh – to completely recharge your smartphone before it needs to be recharged.


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