Technological World for September 1: Halo Infinite arrives December 8, February 2022 is busy for video games, PAX West tix available, Apple Canada has zero percent financing available

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This week, why you’re going to need to take the month of February off work, tickets are still available for PAX West in Seattle this weekend, and Apple Canada’s zero percent financing offer on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. But first, all the latest details on Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8

There’s been lots of Halo Infinite news in recent weeks, but the most important (?) came during the Gamescom opening night event when 343 Industries announced that the highly anticipated game will release on December 8.

Just about as late as a game can be released and still get those vital holiday shopping sales numbers.

The release date came a few days after the game’s creative head, Joseph Staten, revealed that Halo Infinite will ship without a couple of key features: co-operative campaign and Forge.

The former is the ability to play through the game’s story with a friend while the latter opens up Halo’s sandbox tools so people can create their own Halo experiences.

These modes will be added to Halo Infinite later, with Staten suggesting that campaign co-op might follow in about three months and Forge coming about six months after the game releases.

When the core game and multiplayer release in a couple of months, though, Microsoft is also releasing a limited edition Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console console and Xbox Wireless controller ($650) and a Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 ($260).

Pre-orders of the console were sold out within minutes, but you can still notch a controller if you dig around a little bit.

February is the new November

The covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on game development, but at some point all those games that people have been working on are bound to be finished, and they will need to be released.

That seems to be happening in February.

Here’s the list of what we know about now:

And if you broaden the window to the end of January you can add:

PAX West runs this weekend in Seattle

The Penny Arcade Expo main show in Seattle has always been one of those events that has sold out within hours of tickets being issued.

But this year, with the event starting on Friday, there are still tickets available.

The event begins on Friday and runs right through the end of Labour Day. A four-day pass costs US$230, while single day tickets are $US60.

When event organizers first announced that PAX West 2021 would take place live and in person, there was no guidance around covid-19, but at the end of July they announced that attendees would need to be vaccinated or show a negative antigen or PCR test.

Masks are also required to enter the Washington State Convention Center where PAX West takes place.

The event is a celebration of gaming in all its forms. People play role playing games, tabletop games, and video games, and there are panels and discussions on topics like voice acting, finding deals on video game purchases, and inclusion and diversity.

PAX isn’t alone in this. CES, the technology show that happens in Las Vegas (nearly) every January is requiring attendees to be fully vaccinated and to wear a mask.

Apple Canada zero percent financing for Mac computers and iPhones

Just in time for back-to-school purchases of computers, tablets, and smartphones, Apple has launched its financing program in Canada.

On approval, you can get an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer with a monthly payment and no interest. There are also no processing fees or additional charges.

Term lengths depend on the device you’re purchasing:

  • iPhone: 24 months
  • iPad: 12 months
  • Mac computer: 12 months

With the program, a base model MacBook Air costs $108.25 a month.

A base model iPhone 12 is $47.04 over two years.

The financing offer is available online or at your local Apple Store.


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