Technological World for September 22, consumer tech: Samsung's Galaxy Buds2 are tops, Bespoke fridges are custom, QR codes on older cellphones

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Samsung keeps improving its wireless earbuds and now lets you customize your own refrigerator. Plus, how to show proof of vaccination on an older smartphone.

Galaxy Buds2 are Samsung’s best wireless earbuds yet

Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds are the Galaxy Buds2 ($190) and they fit my ears better than any other earbud before now.

Now earbud fit is a very personal thing, so I don’t expect everyone to be as happy with the fit in their own ears, but because the Galaxy Buds2 are so small and light, I expect that most of you will find they fit.

The Buds2 feel like they disappear in my ear canal and because they sit flush against the side of my head, they don’t catch the wind like other earbuds do.

And wind, let me tell you, wreaks havoc with earbuds, especially if you’re trying to make a phone call.

The sound with the Buds2 is also better than before, on par with the Galaxy Buds Pro.

The active noise cancelling (ANC) with the Buds2 isn’t as powerful or feature-filled as the Buds Pro – there’s no intelligence here – but the microphones and whatever Samsung has done to cut down on background noise, means better quality phone calls using the Buds2.

Designed to work best with Samsung handsets, the Galaxy Buds2 work fine with any Android or iOS smartphone, and are available in white, graphite, olive, and a lovely lavender.

Customize your own fridge with Samsung’s new Bespoke line

Samsung’s new Bespoke refrigerators can fit into any space or decor because you can mix and match components for your unique context.

The combinations are many. You can go with tall single units and line them up, or opt for four-door units, then select from different colours of glass or steel for the outer panels.

And you can customize the features, too. Water dispenser or autofill water pitcher? Cube ice or ice nuggets?

The new custom fridges from Samsung can be preordered now, and will start shipping next week.

QR codes on older cellphones

Last week on the Shift, a listener asked about displaying QR codes with limited access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. While you need to have a connection to use the websites managed by the various health agencies, you don’t need to generate that QR code on the fly every time you need it.

The QR code is unique to you, so once you’ve got it, take a picture of it with your phone. Then you can show that picture anytime you need it, whether you’ve got a Wi-fi or data connection or not.

If you can take a picture with your phone, you can have the QR code on your phone.


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