Technological World for December 8, consumer tech: LG's Xboom 360 and UltraGear GP9 speakers, Mobile Klinik's used smartphones, Space in Stockholm

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Two new speakers from LG, Mobile Klinik’s used smartphones, Space has 400 gaming stations and an esports arena.

LG’s got two new speakers designed for how you want to listen

If you need to get a gift for someone looking to play music, podcasts, or games, LG has a couple of new speakers to check out.

The portable Xboom 360 ($500) is a conical wireless bluetooth speaker that evenly emits sound everywhere.

It’s got a handle so you can easily carry it around and it’s equipped with an LED light for practical or party purposes.

LG’s also got a gaming speaker in the UltraGear GP9 ($700). This is effectively a sound bar but built to sit under your monitor and provide the kind of 3D audio that you’d get from a home theatre sound bar.

But what sets the GP9 apart is how it’s able to isolate your voice from the speaker sound so you can chat without needing a mic or headset.

Used tech a viable alternative to new, new, new

Mobile Klinik is a Canadian company that provides repair services to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

They also sell certified, pre-owned smartphones. You can get an iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10+ for as little as $500.

All used devices are classified as good, very good, or like new, and come with a one-year warranty.

Space is a digital cultural centre in Stockholm

I’m not travelling anytime soon, but if I ever head to Scandinavia, I’m making time to visit Space, in Stockholm.

Described as a “culture centre”, Space occupies seven floors in a building in Stockholm’s Sergels torg district.

In some ways it’s very similar to what Vancouver’s got in the Centre for Digital Media, home to the Master of Digital Media program and which also provides space for events and studio space for business.

Space includes that but also has an esports arena, over 400 gaming stations, meeting and conference rooms, and bars and cafes.


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