Technological World for January 19, consumer tech: Warning for Olympians, four new LG monitors

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An app China expects athletes and coaches to use at the Olympic Winter Games is flawed and LG has four new monitors to consider for your workstation.

Toronto’s Citizen Lab raises concerns about Chinese smartphone app being pushed on athletes and coaches

On Tuesday, internet researcher Jeffrey Knockel published a detailed analysis about a smartphone app that the Chinese government says needs to be used by all who are in the country for the Olympic Winter Games.

Knockel, an associate at the Citizen Lab in Toronto, wrote that his findings about the MY2022 app are, “while concerning, not surprising” given other research into Chinese software.

According to his analysis, the MY2022 software has encryption that can be “trivially sidestepped” so passport details, medical information, and the like are vulnerable.

And while the app is transparent about the information that it collects, there’s no clarity on where that information goes.

Citizen Lab informed the Beijing Organising Committee in early December about these issues and others, and while there was an update to MY2022 released earlier this week, “the issues we reported had not been resolved”.

Canadian officials are recommending that coaches and athletes leave their smartphones at home to prevent any cyberspying or cybercrime.

LG has four new monitors to make your desk better

LG is not only the maker of fine OLED televisions, the company also makes fine computer monitors, too. Here are four announced during CES that you might consider if you’re needing a new screen.

UltraFine Display (32UQ85R)

LG’s UltraFine line of monitors are intended for the creative types. They have top-notch colour accuracy and brightness, and this 32-inch model has HDR and uses LG’s new Nano IPS technology, which improves contrast and increases the range of colours that can be displayed.

DualUp (28MQ780)

This monitor gives you the equivalent of two 21.5-inch screens in one monitor, a good option if you’ve got limited desktop space. The experience is like having two monitors stacked on top of each other. The DualUp also has Nano IPS tech and HDR.

UltraFine OLED (32BP95E and 27BP95E)

These two UltraFine monitors use LG’s OLED tech, as opposed to IPS, so they deliver 4K images with the fidelity and contrast you expect from an OLED screen. These are pricey monitors meant for video professionals who are working in dark environments in which these screens perform best. They do not have sufficient refresh rate for gaming, however.


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