Technological World for January 26, consumer tech: Create a cookbook with Pestle, the future of flying taxis

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Pestle is a new recipe collecting app for iPhones and iPads, Boeing bets on flying taxis.

Collect recipes and cook with others using new Pestle app for iOS

Released this week is Pestle, a new app for iPhones and iPads that helps you build your own cookbook with recipes you find anywhere on the internet. Simply “share” a recipe you’ve discovered to the Pestle app.

The free app scans recipes, pulls the necessary information, and uses that data to build out a recipe in your own, personal cookbook.

It also walks you through recipes, step-by-step, and will scale the recipe if you’ve got more (or fewer) mouths to feed than the recipe calls for. And it will do the conversions for you.

And with SharePlay integration that comes with iOS 15, you can cook with someone else over FaceTime, so you can share your favourite recipe or get tips from an expert.

Boeing is betting big on electric autonomous flying taxis

Boeing has injected $450 million into Wisk, the developer of an “all-electric, self-flying air taxi.”

“This investment will further advance the development of Wisk’s 6th generation eVTOL aircraft, a first-ever candidate for certification of an autonomous, all-electric, passenger-carrying aircraft in the U.S.,” the company explained in a release announcing the investment.

Wisk plans on having its fleet of flying taxis in the air within five years of the certification of that sixth generation machine.

Wisk was created in 2019 as a joint venture between Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk and Boeing.

The video below shows a test flight of a fourth generation model flying autonomously.


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