Technological World for May 11, games: Stellar Switch Sports, Epic and Microsoft partner to get Fortnite back on phones

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Switch Sports is just as much fun as we had with Wii Sports way back when and playing Fortnite on your smartphone again.

Nintendo’s Switch Sports recaptures the Wii Sports magic

Wii Sports was something special. Packaged with the Wii console when it was released by Nintendo, the collection of sports activities was more than a tech demo. It showed off what you could do with the Wii and the motion-sensing controls, but it was also really fun to play.

Switch Sports is all that and more.

There are six sports you can play. Badminton, soccer, and volleyball are new, bowling, chambara (sword fighting), and tennis are updated versions of the games we played way back when. And they are all fun to play, even more fun when you play with friends.

What really distinguishes Switch Sports is that you can take it online to play against others in the world. There’s something quite thrilling about playing two-on-two volleyball with a friend against opponents from somewhere on the other side of the planet.

The mechanics don’t require that you move exactly as the real sport requires; this isn’t a simulation game. But you can learn how to refine your movements and, more importantly, your timing, to get good at spiking a volleyball, or setting up a drop shot in badminton.

Chambara, sparring with a sword, can get really interesting if you don’t just spam your movements trying to overwhelm your opponent. I could never get the hang of this, but my 12-year-old did, and was beating me every time.

The most fun you’ll have with Switch Sports is playing together. Our family of four played on Mother’s Day and had an absolute blast with bowling and volleyball, when it was parents versus kids. The kids won.

Golf will be added to Switch Sports this fall as an update, and I expect it will be just as much fun as these six sports. Just make sure you make use of the wrist straps.

Epic Games and Microsoft make a deal for Fortnite

Epic’s fight to keep Apple from getting such a sizeable cut of Fortnite in-game purchases has a new battleground.

Last week, Epic and Microsoft announced a partnership that puts Fortnite on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service that effectively treats your iPad or iPhone or Android device like a terminal.

So you can make your V-Bucks purchases with Epic, and they just appear on your profile when you sign in.


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