Technological World for March 16, consumer tech: Google Translate, VPN, deepfakes in Ukraine conflict, Jabra's Elite 7 line of wireless earbuds are tops

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Consumer tech products are playing a role in Ukraine, Jabra’s got the best wireless earbuds you can get.

Here are some ways that consumer technology is having an impact in Ukraine and Russia

Jabra improves on best-in-class wireless earbuds

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been using Jabra’s two new wireless earbud models and have discovered that they improve on what was already the best wireless earbuds you could get.

Both the Elite 7 Pro ($260) and Elite 7 Active ($240) are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 for a range of up to ten metres and multipoint support, which means you can have two devices connected to the earbuds at any one time.

They have active noise cancellation and the ability to adjust how much outside sound you want to let in, and you can use these with a single earbud, if you want to have one ear open.

And both models give you eight hours of charge, a charging case that can itself be charged wirelessly, and six microphones for making calls.

The Elite 7 Pro has an additional four microphones that support what Jabra calls “voice pick up” sensors, which transmit your voice through your jawbone when sound to the mics is disrupted, like when you’re using them on a breezy day.

All of that is outstanding and category leading, but for me, the best improvement is that the Elite 7 earbuds are smaller and don’t stick out of my ears as much as the pair of Elite 85t that have been my go-to favourites for more than a year.

That, more than anything, has meant for a vastly improved experience because they don’t catch the wind or suffer from the rain in the same way. So if I’m needing to make a call when I’m walking the dog, I’m wearing the Elite 7 Pros, and when I’m on the ski hill, like I was in Whistler yesterday, I’ve got the Elite 7 Actives stuck in my skull.

Either way, I’m happy.


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