Technological World for June 8, consumer tech: Apple's new M2 chip is in two new Macbooks, glimpse at new Apple Home and Carplay experiences, ElectricGo provides portable power when you need it

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At this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple unveiled the M2 chip which is in two new Macbook computers, talked about updates to the various Apple operating systems, and gave us a sneak peek at updates coming to the Apple ecosystem’s Home and Carplay apps. Plus, ElectricGo will rent you a powerbank short term.

Apple reveals new M2 processor, updates to software and services at Worldwide Developer’s Conference

At this year’s edition of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the company showed off the M2 chip, a second-generation version of the silicon that is being used in its computers.

The M1 chip, which has been in use since 2020, is notable for its power, speed, and energy efficiency. The M2, according to the company, is even faster, more powerful, and more efficient.

The new M2 is going into a new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 13-inch, both of which will be in the wild starting in July.

Operating system updates

There are also the expected changes coming to the various operating systems that run Apple devices.

  • iOS 16: more customization options for lock screens, widgets, and notifications
  • iPadOS 16: Stage Manager for multiple windows, drag-and-drop files between your Apple devices
  • MacOS Venture: Stage Manager, use your iPhone as a webcam
  • WatchOS 9: Medications app helps you track your daily med intake)

Apple Home and Carplay are getting refreshed

What was more intriguing, though, were the demos of updates that are coming to Apple’s larger ecosystem.

Apple Home, which is part of iOS 16, will give us more control over the devices that we may be using for home automation, and more importantly provide a user interface overhaul to make the app easier to use,

Apple has also been working to build out the Carplay experience. I’ve got quibbles with the existing app, but see great possibility here.

It looks like Apple is bringing a consistent interface to the screens in our vehicles. We’ll also have control over how the information will be presented to us. Kind of like how I can change what information my Apple Watch shows me and how it displays that information.

It’s the user interface and user experience expertise that Apple can bring to the vehicle cockpit that I think is really valuable. I don’t believe that most major auto manufacturers have invested sufficiently in making the instrument panels understandable.

ElectricGo gives you a part-time on-the-go power solution

If your phone is running out of power you may be screwed, even if you have an adapter and a charging cable with you. To get more electricity into your phone, you need to find an outlet and stand by it for as long as you need.

ElectricGo aims to solve this problem by putting kiosks in popular locations where you can rent a fully charged power bank. The idea is that you pop out the portable charger – which is equipped with whatever cable you might need – and you take it with you when you’re on the move.

When you’re done charging, you just find another ElectricGo kiosk where you can return the bank, which then charges up to be used by the next person.

You pay for the amount of time you’ve had the charging bank signed out, $1.50 an hour up to a maximum of $6 a day.

The company has 120 stations set up in Victoria and metro Vancouver right now, in pubs and restaurants.


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