Technological World for September 21, consumer tech: Kitting out your home office broadcast studio with Kensington

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Even if you’re going back to the office, odds are that you’ll end up spending some time in a home office. And while many people scrambled to collect the various technical accessories that would help them get a high Room Rater score, there’s no such excuse now.

Kensington Computer Products has just rolled out a suite of must-have solutions that will help you show nicely whether you’re sitting in a Zoom meeting, chatting with your colleagues in Microsoft Teams, putting together a podcast for your community group, or recording a video presentation for that online conference.

It starts with a webcam, and the new W1050 camera (US$50) delivers 1080p high defintion video and is flexible enough for just you or a group. You can adjust the angle of the camera and it’s a fixed-focus device, so it’ll keep you looking crisp.

You’ll only look as good as the light on your face, though, which is where the L1000 Bicolor ring light (US$40) comes in. This has a mount in the middle of the ring designed for a webcam so you’ll have soft, consistent light to illuminate you. Because it’s an LED device, you can control the colour of the light, too, from cool blue to warm yellow.

The A1020 Boom Arm (US$90) connects the two together and anchors them to your desk or table, giving you the ability to move things around to accommodate your setup. It’s designed with a groove down the arm to help manage the cables coming down from the ring light and webcam.

And once you’ve got the video under control you can turn your attention to the audio with a reasonably priced headset, the H1000 (US$50), and a headset switch (US$150), which enables you to easily move your audio between sources, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. These can be hardwired with USB-C, USB-A, or 3.5 mm cables, or using Bluetooth. By tapping a button you can move from your conference call to watching the latest movie trailers on your phone without having to take off your headphones.


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