Technological World for January 18, games: The Last of Us premiere, Illustrated will calm you down, life after death for Stadia controllers

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HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us (it airs on Crave in Canada) is something special, Illustrated is a relaxing game, and Google’s Stadia controllers will live on.

The Last of Us prestige television drama expands beyond the video game

Have you watched this yet?

As someone who played and enjoyed the Naughty Dog video games, the show, co-created by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, is very faithful to the source.

The actors, Pedro Pascal, Anna Torv, and Bella Ramsey, are absolutely perfect.

Can’t wait for more.

Illustrated is a calm, relaxing jigsaw puzzle game on Apple Arcade

Not every game you play has to be an endorphin-driving violence fest. Sometimes you just need to sit back. Relax.

That’s what you can do with Illustrated, a new game available to Apple Arcade subscribers.

It presents you with digital jigsaw puzzles created out of artwork from artists around the world, including representations of paintings by Van Gogh.

Each of the puzzles has a layer of meaningful text on top of it, and you can toggle back and forth between seeing the words and only seeing the art, so you can take a different strategy to solving the puzzle depending on what you focus on.

Google’s Stadia is now decommissioned, but the controller lives on

Google Stadia’s last gasp was to make sure that everyone who was part of the journey can continue to use their game controller even though the Stadia game streaming service has shut down.

You can always use the Stadia controller with a USB cable, but the firmware update means you can use it wirelessly with Android, ChromeOS, macOS, and Windows. You cannot use it with a Playstation or Xbox console.

Instructions on how to turn your Stadia controller into a Bluetooth controller.

Support for connecting a Stadia controller to a different device


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