Technological World for March 1, games: Lightfall bursts open Destiny 2, Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, and Pistol Whip, and a Mandalorian-themed Xbox console

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Bungie goes all out with the new Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, we play more PS VR2 games for you, and Disney and Xbox Canada have a sweet contest going on.

Lightfall pushes Destiny 2 into an entirely new realm

Destiny 2 has been around for a few years now. More than five years, in fact. And since then, Bungie has continuously kept the game as fresh as the day it released with a series of expansions and the introduction of new multiplayer experiences.

(Here’s a helpful video that recaps the story so far.)

Bungie has been so successful in deploying a “live service game” that the developer was acquired by Sony to be part of the internal studio group.

With the release of Lightfall, the latest major expansion, Destiny 2 leaps into a new world, the futuristic city of Neomuna on the planet, Neptune.

We also get a new power to wield, new weapons to discover, and a new big bad, the Witness, to creep us out.

And the changes to how we manage our Guardians and all the equipment we collect are equally significant. It’s now easier to modify your weapons and armour, and easier to manage the mods that you need to use. Better yet, you can create and save load outs for specific contexts that you can swap with the click of a button. You can have a different set up for each of the different game experiences Destiny 2 provides.

So far, I’m loving the neon shaded Neomuna and the way Bungie has pulled the various supporting characters into this new plot line. I’m not quite sure where we’re going, but as with every other Destiny 2 expansion, this is a game I want to spend all my time in.

PS VR2 games we played this week

My family is slowly getting a chance to try the dozens of virtual reality games that have become part of our library since getting a PS VR2. Here’s what we played since last week:

  • Horizon: Call of the Mountain. There’s nothing better to showcase the vibrant, 4K video that the PS VR2 can deliver. The mechanics of the game are innovative: you swing your arms to walk, you reach over your shoulder to get an arrow, you have to reach out with your arms to grab holds while climbing. This is an utterly convincing representation of one of my favourite video game worlds.
  • Pistol Whip. This arcade-style shooter from B.C.‘s Cloudhead Games with a wide range of tracks and themes. The goal is to shoot the enemies in the environment while dodging the bullets they shoot at you. You also need to move around the obstacles that are in your way. Before long, you’ve worked up a sweat but you won’t want to stop going.
  • Gran Turismo 7. If you wanted to know what it’s like to drive a race car, this is the game for you. The eye tracking feature that is part of the PS VR 2 means that the impeccable graphics can be focused where you’re looking. Anyone who has a copy of GT7 can get the VR2 update for free.

Disney and Xbox Canada giving away a Mandalorian themed Xbox Series prize pack

Get your name in quick for this.

The prize pack from this promotion celebrating the Mandalorian season three includes two consoles, an Xbox Series X and an accompanying Xbox Series S, painted to match each other, along with a Grogu-coloured controller and hoodie, and a three month subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

You’ve got until March 12 to enter the contest.


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