Technological World for March 29, consumer tech: Jabra's Evolve2 Buds solve an office problem

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We’ve spent a great deal of time in the past couple of years talking about how to make sure your home office is kitted out for all the meetings you need to have online. But with people heading back into offices, it’s worth thinking about whether you’ve got the right kit for that space, too.

Which is where Jabra’s Evolve2 Buds ($350) come into the conversation.

Like the other Jabra earbuds I’ve reviewed – they’ve all been great – the Evolve2 fit nicely, sound great, have excellent microphones with software designed to cut out background noise. And they are multipoint, so you can have two devices connected to them at the same time.

What makes the Evolve2 great for the modern office is the USB-C or USB-A adapter that is included, which you can plug into your computer.

This adapter means that your audio connection to your computer is more stable than Bluetooth alone. This is especially important in an office environment where everybody else is using Bluetooth headsets.


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