Technological World for June 7, games: Meta's Quest 3 VR headset coming this fall, Battlefield 2042 aims to win back fans

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Meta’s Quest 3 headset is all about the gaming and Battlefield 2042 is working hard to get gamers back.

Meta Quest 3 updates the virtual reality headset and goes hard on gaming

Last week, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg showed off the Meta Quest 3, the next generation virtual reality system that the Facebook founder is so bullish on.

The new hardware is expected to launch later this year and will be priced at $690 in Canada. It is thinner, lighter, and more comfortable, according to the company, and will have better graphics and resolution.

The Quest 2 headset gets a price drop in advance: $420 (128 GB) and $490 (256 GB). Both it and the Quest Pro are getting performance bumps in the next update to the operating systems for those devices.

The complete library of content for the Quest devices is over 500 titles at this point, much of it games, and the Quest 3 is backwards compatible.

But there were a bunch of new games announced that will be coming to the Quest 3, including sequels to Arizona Sunshine, I Expect You to Die, and Asgard’s Wrath. In a release Meta said the latter will be the biggest title ever on the Quest platform.

With launch of Season 5, Battlefield 2042 sets sight on redemption

EA’s Battlefield is a storied franchise, but the 2021 release of the latest game, Battlefield 2042, was a bit rocky as the game was criticized for myriad technical issues.

Since then, the developers at the DICE studio in Stockholm have been working away to rebuild trust in fans and deliver more of what military shooter gamers are looking for from the franchise.

Today, the fifth season of the game, “New Dawn”, released, and along with it the latest in a host of updates the developers have been releasing into Battlefield in the last eighteen months.

The new season brings a new story that takes place in an industrial facility in Czechia that includes a train crash site. (Even though there’s no single player campaign in 2042, there are narratives anchoring the experience.)

Among the significant changes to the game was the return last fall of the class system with characters being categorized as assault, recon, support, or engineer. When 2042 launched, that standard approach to player characters was replaced by a more flexible system that gave players incredible choice over how they created and improved a character. What players discovered was that too much choice with 128 player games led to confusion and chaos.

DICE has also reworked the seven maps that were part of the game’s launch and has constantly updated the software that anchors the experience.

EA and DICE are committed to Battlefield as a franchise and 2042 as a title, revealing on Monday that a season six update is in the works.

Battlefield 2042: New Dawn is available on PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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