Technological World for September 6, consumer tech: New tech to filter microplastics, two new docks from Kensington

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Manta rays have inspired a new way to filter microplastics from the water, and Kensington’s got two docks to make it easier to survive in the modern workplace.

New tech promises to better filter microplastics

IFA Berlin is a major consumer electronics convention. It’s on right now and one of the products being talked about is a device that filters microplastics.

The technology being advanced by Cleanr uses “fluid patterns” to suspend and isolate microplastics into a concentrate that can be captured. The company claims the process, inspired by manta rays and basking sharks, is “over 300% more efficient than traditional sieve and crossflow filtering”.

The filter solution can be integrated into washing machines, and some jurisdictions are beginning to require that such filtering systems be included in future appliances.

Ed Yong wrote about how manta rays filtering works in the Atlantic back in 2018.

Kensington’s got two new docks for for modern workers

These days, busy professionals, especially those working in media, often have a laptop as their primary device. It provides the most flexibility, particularly when you might have a different office every day.

The UH1440 mobile dock is perfect for being on the go. it provides additional ports so you can connect to your peripherals or the accessories in your client’s boardroom. Even if they’re still operating with old VGA cables. The mobile dock is small but sturdy; it’s not going to break if it falls out of your bag.

And when you get back to your main desk space, when you want the benefit of the extra, larger monitors, and the connection to additional storage devices, and quick transfer speeds for all of it, the new Thunderbolt dual 4K docking station comes in.

With 13 ports including multiple video and USB connectors, SD and Micro SD card readers, and ethernet, the SD5765 docking station can connect a suitably powered laptop to an 8K monitor, or two 4K monitors. And with pass-through power, you can connect accessories that require power without needing additional adapters and cables.


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