Technological World for September 20, consumer tech: France vs the iPhone 12, Amazon announces new devices, Meta Connect is coming

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France has told Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12, Amazon’s got new Fire, Ring, Blink, and Echo devices, and how you can watch Meta Connect next week.

France expresses concern about radiation levels coming from iPhone 12

On the heels of Apple announcing handsets in its iPhone 15 line, France halted sales of the 2020 model iPhone 12 with claims the device emits radiation levels that exceed allowable standards.

Apple claims the device meets the required standards set by regulatory agencies.

Even if the French agency’s test was accurate – and it was different from the one used by Apple – the levels of radiation are far below what might be considered harmful.

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Amazon announces a plethora of new devices

Today was Amazon’s turn to roll out new lines of devices. The company, which started out selling books online, has transformed into being that and a modern purveyor of consumer electronics. They had lots to show off today.

  • Fire TV: Second generation Fire TV Sticks with 4K, media players which plug into your television and give you access to streaming services and other apps, were revealed. The 4K is $70 and the 4K Max, which doubles the storage and has a better processor, is $80. They both support Dolby Vision and HDR.
  • Fire TV Soundbar is a new addition to the Fire lineup, and can be used as a speaker with your Bluetooth connected devices.
  • Echo Hub is also new, and is designed to be a panel you use to access all your smarthome devices. It’s priced at $240 and supports Alexa voice control.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Pro: This indoor/outdoor camera has motion-detection activation and three power options, battery, plug-in, and solar.
  • Blink Outdoor 4: This camera is supported by accessories like a floodlight camera and a battery pack, which extends the battery life on the unit from two to four years.
  • eero Max 7: This next-gen version of the Wi-Fi router and mesh system isn’t yet available, but will work with Wi-Fi 7 and can deliver 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It’ll cost $800 for a single eero, $1,600 for a two pack, and $2,300 for a three-pack.

Amazon also detailed a new feature coming to some of its Alexa-enabled devices: real-time captioning and translation. This will work on Echo Show devices and when using the Alexa mobile app.

Watch Zuckerberg’s keynote for Meta Connect next week

The annual developer’s convention for Meta, the company that operates Facebook, Instagram, and VR in the form of Quest headsets, among other things, takes place next week.

And while there’s no way you got an invite to attend Meta Connect, you can watch the event from the comfort of your own home, office, or virtual world.

This year’s Meta Connect is, “focused on AI and virtual, mixed and augmented realities.”

The two-day conference will include sessions on how to develop for Meta platforms, and will also include information about new consumer products, like Meta Quest 3.


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