Internal Soundtrack: Six Months in a Leaky Boat

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This Split Enz single, from 1982’s Time and Tide, has been threatening to break into the internal soundtrack ever since I realized that Crowded House, which formed out of Split Enz back in the ’90s, had come back together to release a new album.

Yesterday, while getting everything ready for our first airplane travel with a three-month-old child, it was there.

It was still there this morning when I woke up in Calgary. Our travel on the airplane was blissfully stress-free and served as a good first run for what we hope will only be the first of many trips.

Every time I return to Calgary it’s a different city. On this trip I’m caught off-guard by not only the heat, but the humidity. Stepping out from the terminal, we were struck with a wall of humid warmth that – for a second – made me think we had flown to Bangkok, not Calgary.


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