How do you say 'Thank you' in punk?

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I’m a bit amazed that the Web site, Spinner is an AOL property, because it is such a great site, and because AOL was so resistant to adapting to what the Web became.

“Spinner” is big and brash, and – most importantly – is not overloaded with modules and flashing ads and distractions.

Just a nice, clean, three-column layout with plenty of white space so I can actually look around, and find interesting things.

My favourite discovery at “Spinner” is The DL Show, which has a catalogue of short, clever videos starring musicians who are promoting albums.

You must watch the episode in which Debbie Harry teaches at the Punk Rock Pre-School, and explains the origins – and future – of punk rock.

Scotland’s KT Tunstall subjects herself to a Star Trek trivia test, and Ted Leo, of the Pharmacists, sits down for an interview … with a member of the AOL HR department.

As a colleague wrote to me: “This is how to do a music page.”

He’s right.


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